Looking after our eyes is important because sight is a sense that we use in almost all spheres of our lives. With the increasing levels of pollution, more attention is required in caring for the eyes. Eye care is quite simple but very important. Solutions to eye problems are as simple as relaxation and a good diet routine. Simple as these procedures are, they benefit our eyes greatly in the long run. Visiting an ophthalmologist regularly is also recommended for the good health of eyes.


Diet is the primary care for eyes. You should include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your meals. Papaya, carrots, mangoes and other yellow fruits are good for the health of the eyes. All these contain beta carotene that is required for healthy eyes. Green vegetables such as spinach are great for the health of the eyes and should be regularly consumed.


Relaxation is also important for the heath of eyes. Rest refreshes the eyes and also makes them more efficient. Adequate should also be accompanied by regular exercise. Exercise improves blood circulation to the eyes. A good circulation of blood ensures a good supply of oxygen to the eyes making them function perfectly. Exercise for the eyes is as simple as closing the eyes gently for about half a minute between work to help them relax and rotating the eyes to relax muscles. You can also purchase Ray-Ban glasses here!


The region around the eyes is served by numerous blood vessels and this makes eyes very sensitive to any changes that occur in the body. Changes that result in water retention in the body particularly make the eyes puffy. Puffiness in the eyes usually occur in the waking hours of the morning and the goes away and is not a major concern. However, if the eyes are constantly puffy or if the swelling spreads to other parts of the face, it is time to visit a doctor as this could be an indication of other conditions like kidney diseases or thyroid. The body also has a defense mechanism to retain water during dehydration which to the accumulation of fluids around the eyes causing them to be puffy. It is therefore advisable to keep the body hydrated by drinking at least a liter of water daily. Water also helps flush toxic waste from the system.  For more details about eye doctor, visit



It is also important to protect the eyes from direct sun rays and strong light by wearing sunglasses. Visiting Eye Doctor regularly for routine check-ups even if there are no visible problems is also recommended.